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Auxilium Horizons is a company focused on the development of hands-on therapeutic communication tools with blended and digital versions. These tools are utilizing the concepts, original artwork and games format of the original Blue Heron Productions by Monica Carpendale and Blake Parker.

The significance of the company name focuses on the meaning of ‘Auxilium’ which has Latin roots and means ‘to aid’ and ‘Horizons’ which also has Latin roots and refers both to the line where the earth meets the sky and limits of a person’s knowledge, mental perceptions and experiences.

The company’s intention is to continually expand the portfolio including language and character enhancements through online and native delivery system including WEB, iOS, Android and Windows.

Our History

The original Board games were created by Monica Carpendale and Blake Parker in 1992. Monica is a registered Canadian art therapist, teacher and artist. She is the founder and academic dean of the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in Nelson B.C. Blake was a poet and graphic artist and had an MA in anthropology with a specialty in medical symbolism.

Blue Heron Productions was engaged in the research and development of games and activities that facilitated the growth of communication skills in educational and therapeutic settings. Monica and Blake were particularly concerned with developing materials which are culturally safe and sensitive to issues of disability, sexism, race and class. The games may be used with individuals and groups and provide opportunities to develop self-esteem, social and problem-solving skills in the context of education, rehabilitation and/or therapy.


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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just play the games for free?

You can simply download the Suite app and play and customize the games for 14 days.

How do I subscribe?

Visit our Subscribe Page here and choose the option that works best for you or your organization

What are the different subscriptions all about?

We base our subscription model on the number of concurrent game sessions. For individual professionals a Single User Subscription allows one game to be played at a time. Users in offices will need a Multi-User Subscription to allow up to 6 simultaneous game sessions. Hospitals and schools will want an Establishment Subscription that allows up to 20 simultaneous games to be played under the same account.

What happens if I go over the number of simultaneous game sessions?

 We’re pretty easy about that right now, we won’t prevent your clients game from happening; we’ll simply fire you an email to advise that at that point in time more games were being played simultaneously than that allowed by your subscription. We’ll track how often it happens and let you know you should move to a different subscription if it’s occurring frequently.

Can I set up other users in my office / school / hospital?

Yes, Subscribers can have Associate Users; accounts on the system, separate from those of their colleagues, these users have no ability to change or cancel the subscription. If your organization uses centralized authentication, we can program our system to respond to your usernames and passwords, so you don’t have yet more credentials to remember.

And they can each have their own customizations?

Yes, each user can have their own battery of pre-configured games, we call them ‘Presets’; and there’s no limit to the number of ‘Presets’ each user can have.

How do I send my clients the app?

When you have set up a game for your client, you are able to send them a ‘dynamic’ or ‘deep’ link via an email from our system. When they click this link we’ll direct them to the correct ‘Store’ for their device/computer and they be asked to confirm the installation of the App. 

Can they play the games at home?

Yes, we've just completed this feature, so that games can be emailed to clients to play as ‘homework’ on their own devices.

Can I do remote counselling / Therapy?

Yes, currently the client can be playing the game at their location and relaying their progress over the telephone/Skype etc. We’re currently working on enabling two devices to participate in the same game, offering a truer remote session experience. You’ll still want the telephone or Skype running to keep the conversation going, right now we’re not aiming to reinvent those wheels!

Are more games coming?

Oh, yes, we’re working on converting Winner’s Circle, The Dragon Game and Play it Safe from the original Blue Heron Board Games. We’re also developing games to deal with today’s issues, such as bullying and internet safety. We’ve built analytics into our games to determine which are most popular.

Are you going to charge me more when new games come out?

No, you will only ever be charged the subscription price you first pay; our business model to keep you subscribing is to continuously add more tools and improve the ones already there. We plan to update our library according to demand and feedback from our users.

I have a game idea

Great, we want to hear it, please tell us about it via the Contact form below


The Future


Research, Projects, Roadmap

We’re keen to get involved in expanding our suite of games, addressing those issues pertinent to todays children and youth; specifically bullying and internet safety. We’re also very excited about virtual and augmented reality and some of the exciting possibilities for the physical as well as mental rehabilitation.

We’re hoping to move forward with a project to create a digital Medicine Wheel for a First Nations Band in BC. We’ve put forward a proposal to create a virtual version of an existing Wheel, complete with guide and translations.

We’ve some groundbreaking ideas to expand the features in the current Suite of Therapeutic Tools. In the immediate future we are hoping to introduce remote multi player therapy, language crowdsourcing and the ability to upload your own avatars, even animated ones!


 Here is where we will detail the Research done on the games, recent industry news that relevant to our products as well as conference attendences and presentations.

In April 2019 Monica Presented at the Annual Congress on Child Care: Mental Health, Psychology and Nursing in Toronto.

Click here to watch the 10 minute short of Monica introducing the games themselves.

Click here to watch the full 40 minute presentation where Monica goes into more detail into the development history and therapeutic application of the games as well as a demonstration of some of the games digitally.

Click here Monica’s slideshow presentation

In March we attended the International Meeting on Child Indigenous Health in Calgary.

Click here to see the Poster Presentation we made,