Subscribe to our suite of therapeutic tools

By purchasing a subscription to Auxilium Horizons Therapeutic Tool Suite, you will have access to all the tools we have developed and all those we will develop in the future. A subscription to Auxilium Horizons is an investment in the future of technology-based therapy - a future you will be part of for no additional charge.

Auxilium Productions offers the Therapeutic Tool Suite as a Software as a Service (SaaS) package, delivered through the Web as well as Windows, Apple and Android apps. Your subscription allows us to continually expand the Suite with more tools and games, including language and character enhancements and to eventually include elements of augmented, virtual and blended game play. You’ll be able to customize the games, so you can add and remove the various emotions and situations as fits your clients’ ages and concerns.

We differentiate our service plans based upon how many of your clients will be on our system using the tools simultaneously. So if you are a single Counsellor, Therapist, Psychologist or educator then you’ll probably only have one game playing at a time. If you run an office and are more likely to need the tools running concurrently, then we have a Multi User Subscription. Schools, Hospitals and Care homes might need our Establishment subscription allowing up to 20 simultaneous sessions.

Not sure which Plan is right for you? Then sign up as a Single User and will let you know your usage patterns should you need to upgrade later.


Single-User Annual

Allows access to one game session at a time.

For the Independent Professional or Parent

Best Value!

(save $120 versus a Monthly Subscription)


Single User Monthly

Allows access to one game session at a time.

For the independent Professional


Multi-User Monthly

Allows 2-5 simultaneous game sessions.

Ideal for Professional Offices


Enterprise Monthly

Allows 6-20 simultaneous game sessions.

Perfect for medium to large-sized agencies, hospitals, and schools