Winner's Circle

Winner's Circle


Ages 8 +

Winner's Circle is designed to help young people work towards the enhancement of Self-Esteem. The game is based upon the old game of Steeple Chase which is itself a variant of the older Game of Goose. The players roll the dice and take turns moving their horse around the board. The rules and directions about what to do when landing on the different squares are given on the board and the spinner. In general, the game encourages stories, anecdotes, and conversation about various aspects of self-esteem. It also aims to open discussion about the values attached to different activities and ways of being. Life is not always a race.


  • To encourage the development of good self-esteem,

  • To enter into an enjoyable, creative dialogue with others,

  • To exchange stories within a safe structured environment,

  • To build positive feelings about oneself,

  • To provide a safe format for the expression of frustrations and difficulties,

  • To develop the ability to think clearly and reasonably about difficulties,

  • To develop the ability to make accurate assessments of one’s own behavior and emotions.



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