Snakes & Ladders: A Moral Journey

Snakes & Ladders: A Moral Journey


Available as part of our Citizenship App and Board Game Tool

Ages 8+

This is a version of the ancient game of Snakes and Ladders, originally used as a moral teaching tool in India.

This game is a playful way to initiate discussions on ethical issues, moral values, and behaviour. It provides the opportunity to explore the feelings related to a wide variety of personal experiences.


  • To provide an opportunity to discuss the relationship between attitudes and values that are linked to behaviours and outcomes,

  • To develop values and discuss ethical dilemmas in the context of a moral world,

  • To acquire a sense of moral judgement and reasoning,

  • To understand how certain attitudes, behaviours, and values are linked to their consequences,

  • To provide an opportunity for storytelling with both positive and negative experiences.

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