Hopscotch Game of Playground Situations

Hopscotch Game of Playground Situations


Ages 5 – 12 / Grades K – 7

The game board is based upon a version of the traditional Hopscotch game. This game, designed for 2 players, is useful for addressing a great number of inter-personal issues which arise on the playground and elsewhere. The game emphasizes the identification of personal feelings and the cooperative brain-storming of solutions.

Players learn to identify the feelings which arise in difficult situations and practice creative problem-solving by generating or brain-storming a variety of solutions.


  • To increase self-awareness and the ability to identify emotions,

  • To discuss challenging social situations and identify the related feelings,

  • To develop the ability to effectively work through and problem-solve difficult situations,

  • To practice creative problem solving and explore the possibility of alternative responses,

  • To develop and enhance communication and social skills,

  • To build emotional resiliency with regards to peer pressure,

  • To develop more healthy and appropriate responses in life situations,

  • To develop empathy and support the development of emotional resilience.



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