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New Boards in Production

 If you have visited the website in the last week or so you’ll see there’s big changes in the way we sell our Communication Tools. We’re Doubling down and are producing double sided board combinations focused on games issue and at CDN$99.95 per board, it’s quite a deal.

Feelings – The Goose Game and Let’s Go Fish a Memory

Citizenship – Snakes and Ladders: A Moral Journey and the Hopscotch Game of Playground Situations

Anger Management – Taming Your Dragon and The Dragon Game

Self-Esteem – Road Rally and The Winners Circle


We’re also offering these double headers as Apps in the various Stores. This might work for people who only deal with a specific issue, or who want to try the games out before committing to a Subscription.


We realized the financial, production and environmental efficiencies of creating the boards double sided and then realized how it will work better for you, not having to decide between games based on age ranges. Now each Solution in our range has games for both younger and older players.


To celebrate, we’re going to offer a Collection of all 4 Physical double-sided boards at a $50 discount. $350 for the entire set of Communication Tools. The Boards should be with us next week!