We're in business!

We’ve officially launched and are already selling subscriptions to our Suite of Therapeutic Tools. The games help breakdown the communication barriers between children and adolescents and their Counsellers, Therapists, Psychologists and Educators.


How does it work?

1.    Subscribe to our service here: https://www.auxiliumhorizons.ca/subscribe

2.    Download the App for your computer or device to play the games, find the your link here: https://www.auxiliumhorizons.ca/gettheapp

3.    Start customizing and Playing the games with your clients in session.


Counselling and therapy for children can be an uphill battle. It’s difficult enough to get children and adolescents to talk to adults they have just met, let alone have them open up about serious issues that are close to them, such as trauma, grief and abuse.

Kids love games and by customizing those in our Suite to suit the intended client you’ll be able to broach and address core issues in your first sessions by having the children tell stories that relate to where they land in the game.

If you have any questions please call us on 778-721-5728 and we’ll help you out with the subscription process or how to use the games effectively in your session. 


You can download the App direct and use it on a time limited trial basis, but in order to customize and play complete games, you need to subscribe to our service (https://www.auxiliumhorizons.ca/subscribe)


We look forward to helping you help your clients!



Jason Lisburn
Therapeutic Tools Suite Product Launch

We’re ready to launch. Everything is tested, last minute bugs squashed.

Location: check!

Appies ordered: check!

Tea and coffee: check!

Wednesday 6th February is launch day, from 3-8pm. The Location is the Nelson Chamber of Commerce Conference Room (1st Floor)

At this event you will be able to buy your subscription to our Therapeutic Tools suite.

If you are in the Kootenays and haven’t received an invite, please email info@auxiliumhorizons.ca and we’ll send you one.

We will have a couple of formal presentations during the event but really want to let everyone get their hands on the games; we’ll have computers and tablets of every sort set up to demonstrate the digital Tools Suite and we’ll have the original Blue Heron Therapeutic Board Games out as well.

Come meet the team, get your hands on the games and give us your feedback and ideas

See you there!