Auxilium Horizons is a company focused on the development of hands-on therapeutic communication tools with blended and digital versions. These tools are utilizing the concepts, original artwork and games format of the original Blue Heron Productions by Monica Carpendale and Blake Parker.

The significance of the company name focuses on the meaning of ‘Auxilium’ which has Latin roots and means ‘to aid’ and ‘Horizons’ which also has Latin roots and refers both to the line where the earth meets the sky and limits of a person’s knowledge, mental perceptions and experiences.

The company’s intention is to continually expand the portfolio including language and character enhancements through online and native delivery system including WEB, iOS, Android and Windows.


Our History

Blue Heron Therapeutic Board Games


The original Board games were created by Monica Carpendale and Blake Parker in 1992. Monica is a registered Canadian art therapist, teacher and artist. She is the founder and academic dean of the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in Nelson B.C. Blake was a poet and graphic artist and had an MA in anthropology with a specialty in medical symbolism.

Blue Heron Productions was engaged in the research and development of games and activities that facilitated the growth of communication skills in educational and therapeutic settings. Monica and Blake were particularly concerned with developing materials which are culturally safe and sensitive to issues of disability, sexism, race and class. The games may be used with individuals and groups and provide opportunities to develop self-esteem, social and problem-solving skills in the context of education, rehabilitation and/or therapy.


Our Future


Auxilium Horizons is proud to partner with other organizations that wish to utilize technology for therapy, counselling, education and other healing projects. We’re currently involved in a project developing a digital medicine wheel for a First Nations Band in British Columbia. Bring your well-being project to us and let’s collaborate!

Until then we will continue to expand and enhance our Auxilium Horizons Therapeutic Tools Suite to give you what you need for effective therapy and learning for you and your clients.